Council Minutes & Notices


There has been a recent spate of petty crime and criminal damage within the village. Please see this Crime Prevention Advice . If you can’t get through on 101 please email 

Agenda for upcoming meeting

18th Sept 18 Agenda Broughton PC

Sept 18 Clerks Report

Agenda for previous meetings

Aug 18 Agenda Broughton PC

Aug 18 Clerks Report

July 18 Agenda Broughton PC

July 18 Clerks Report

June 18 Agenda Broughton PC

June 18 Clerks Report

Annual Parish Meeting of Electors AGENDA 2018

May 15th 2018 Agenda

May 18 Clerks Report

17th April 18 Agenda Broughton PC

April 18 Clerks Report

March 18 Agenda Broughton PC

March 18 Clerks Report

Feb 18 Agenda Broughton PC

Feb 18 Clerks Report

Jan 18 Agenda Broughton PC

Jan 18 Clerks Report

28th Nov 17 Agenda Broughton PC

Nov 17 Clerks Report

Oct 17 Agenda Broughton PC

Oct 17 Clerks Report

Sept 17 Agenda Broughton PC

Sept 17 Clerks Report

July 17 Agenda Broughton PC

July 17 Clerks Report

June 17 Agenda Broughton PC

June 17 Clerks Report

Annual Parish Meeting AGENDA 30th May 2017

30th May 17 Agenda Broughton PC

May 17 Clerks Report

April 17 Agenda Broughton PC

April 17 Clerks Report

21st March 17 Agenda Broughton PC

March 17 Clerks Report

21st Feb 17 Agenda Broughton PC

Feb 17 Clerks Report

Jan 17 Agenda Broughton PC

29th November 2016 Broughton Parish Council Agenda

18th October 2016 Broughton PC Agenda

20th September 2016 Agenda Broughton PC

26th July 2016 Agenda Broughton PC

28th June 2016 Agenda Broughton PC

17th May 2016 Agenda Broughton PC


Agenda 190416

Agenda 220316

Agenda 230216

Agenda 260116

Jan16 Clerks Report

Agenda 241115

Nov15 Clerks Report

Agenda 021115

Oct15 Clerks Report

Agenda 150915

Sept 15 Clerks Report

Agenda 180815

Aug 15 Clerks Report

Agenda 210715

July 15 Clerks Report

Agenda 160615

June 15 Clerks Report

190515 Agenda Meeting Broughton PC

May 15 Clerks Report


Agenda 210415 & April 15 Clerks Report

Agenda 240315

If you would like to suggest an agenda item for an upcoming meeting please contact the clerk on

Draft Minutes of the Most Recent Parish Council Meeting

For the avoidance of doubt readers are please asked to note the following caveat in relation to minutes published here:

For the sake of topicality, immediacy and relevance the Parish Council publishes here the “unapproved” draft minutes of the most recent of its meetings. These minutes will not normally be “approved” until the next meeting of the Parish Council and therefore, are not the formal minutes of record. The minutes published here may contain unintended errors or inaccuracies and therefore may be subject to correction and amendment at the next meeting.

DRAFT Minutes 15th May 2018 Annual Parish Meeting(these will be approved at the Annual Parish Meeting in 2019)

Draft Minutes 20th August 2018