Broughton Parish Council own the riparian rights to some of the River Derwent that flows through the parish.

Broughton Parish Council Fishing Licences

A licence is required to fish in the Broughton Parish Council waters. A licence can be obtained from Clerk on . A licence lasts for 1 year and prices are reviewed at the start of the season. The licence includes a limit of 1 Salmon killed per day, and a maximum of 5 Salmon per season to encourage a catch and release system to conserve the Salmon stocks.

Your licence must be with you when ever you are fish in within parish waters and be produced for inspection whenever asked to do so by a parish councillor, or the parish clerk.

A licence is not transferable between persons.

Other rules are included within the licence that must be complied with.

Fishing Licence Map Broughton Parish Council

A copy of the map showing the parish fishing areas is included with all fishing licences agreements, and additional copies can be downloaded from below.

Fishing Map 2016