Contact Information:

The primary contact for the Parish Council is the Clerk:

Becx Carter, C/o 40 Windebrowe Avenue, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 4JA

Phone Number: 077866 78283 (Please leave a message/send a text if she is unavailable)


Contact Details for Broughton Parish Councillors

Broughton Parish Council has 10 seats for Parish Councillors. 

Mary Bradley (Chair)                 01900 824973

Russ Cockburn                            01900 824542 

Sue Hannah                                  01900 826021

Bill Smith   (Vice Chair                01900 827779     

Steve Hannah                                01900 826021

Claire Winter                                  01900 829851  

Neil Rumbold                              07813646475     

Adrian Davis Johnston               07478869518   

Georgina Murray                         07717316140       

Nicky Cockburn                          01900 824542   

Planning Sub-Committee

At the Broughton Parish Council meeting on the 27th June 2017 the Council Resolved to form a Planning Sub Committee. In compliance with the Transparency Code, the members of this Sub Committee are:

Cllr Mary Bradley (Chair)

Cllr Sue Hannah

Cllr Steve Hannah

The Planning Sub Committee is governed but the following document Terms of Reference Planning Committee Broughton

Other Key Contact Details

Allerdale Borough Councillors:

Councillor Nicky Cockburn    01900 824542 

Councillor Janet Farebrother 01900 822099 

Cumbria County Councillor:

Councillor Hugo Graham