Broughton Parish Council owns two allotment sites totalling 93 individual plots of varying sizes and prices:

-Nook Allotments- Nook Map Aug 18

-Coldgill Allotments- Coldgill Map Aug 18

A copy of the standard tenancy agreement can be viewed here

Currently there are vacant plots. If you would one or to be added to the waiting list contact the clerk on with a subject line of Allotments.


Allotment waiting list policy-Updated March 19

Broughton Parish Council Allotment Allocation Process

Broughton Parish Council Allotment Measuring Process

Allotment Task & Finish Group

The current Terms of Reference for this group can be found below.

Broughton Parish Council Allotment Task & Finish Group Terms of Reference (adopted 11th November 2018)

The members of the task and finish group are:

Mary Bradley (Chair) or 01900 824973

Jackie Hobden or 07876241940

1 vacant Parish Council seat

Carl Jackson (Nook representative) or 07935038545

Alan Nelson (Coldgill representative) or 07888699732

Mark White (Nook Representative) or 07852552112

The secretariat function will be provided by the Parish Clerk Ms Becx Carter 

Current Allotments Future Consultation and Ballot

Ballot papers have been posted to all tenants as of the 9th November 2017 with a return date for all votes by the 22nd December 2017.

A copy of the proposed new tenancy agreement can be found here

A copy of the presentation delivered to the 27 tenants who attended the meeting on Monday 6th November 2017 can be found here

A copy of the maps circulated at the 6th November meeting can be found below.

Coldgill Map

Nook Map

A copy of the original maps can be found below.

Coldgill Oct 17

Nook June 16

A copy of the question & answer document submitted and responded to by the Council as of the 8th December 2017 can be found here (also circulated via the noticeboards and email).

The outcome of the Allotment Ballot has now been collated and distributed to all. A letter sent to all tenants can be found here

Information on the prevention of the Ulluco Virus please read the below: